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Equipment Supply and Installation

At iFitness we do it all - from supplying our customers with cutting edge equipment to the complete installation of all equipment purchased through iFitness.

  • After purchasing the right equipment for the customer's needs we move to the planning and designing phase of the Fitness Facility or Fitness Room. 
  • Once the design is approved by the customer we will set up a date and time for delivery. On the day of delivery the professional installers working at iFitness will arrive on site with the right tools and uniform to complete the installation of the fitness equipment according to the manufacturer's specificatons.
  • After the successful installation of all equipment, an onsite training seminar will be conducted by an iFitness expert to illustrate how to properly operate all equipment in accordance with all safety guidelines. Where applicable, the building or club maintenance supervisor should always be present for the traning seminar to acquire a full understanding of the potential hazards associated with the fitness equipment and proper operation.  

iFitness is proud to provide the best service to our customers to help them achieve their goals in building a cutting edge fitness facility.